Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Auto and Travel Accessories

Trying to decide on the best gift item to give your customers in order to promote your business this year? One of the most popular items is the key chain. The online shop at offers a variety of key chains to choose from. They have multiple colors and shapes that are perfect for customization for your specific needs, as well as soft, flexible key chains to hard key chains.

These key chains are available in a rounded rectangle in black, white, granite, translucent blue, translucent red and translucent green. You can also choose from the teardrop, house, heart, small circle, large circle, telephone, stop sign, as well as t-shirt shapes. These are perfect gift items in promoting your business this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and start giving out promotional key chains to your customers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glass Beer Mugs and Stemware

Looking for a glass mug or wine goblet to be used as special giveaways to promote your business? There are many lovely glass mugs and classy wine goblets to choose from at and they are very affordable. The most popular 13 oz glass thumbprint mug features a unique handle grip with thumbprint in its C handle, smooth sidewall, or optic prism paneled sides. If you would like a larger mug, they are also available in 25 oz.

Also, they have the 13 oz glass starburst mug that is extremely affordable. And if you like goblets as your gift item, the 10 oz Napa wine glass goblet can be suitable for your needs. This glass goblet is very elegant as souvenir, or for toasting, or even for party glasses for brandy, beer, sherry, champagne, and many more. Furthermore, they are great for displaying your company name.

What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great Buys for Fun

Are you looking for excellent gift items or souvenirs for your business today? Do you want to give your customers something good for the greater promotion of your business? At you can find affordable fun items that can be great for promoting your business. You can give your customers these items as souvenirs. From 9” frizbee flyer that can be imprinted with your own business’ personalized logo or with your own text for future event of your business (available in 4 full colors and color art inserts) to giant 16” flyswatter that can eliminate flies whenever they are out enjoying their favorite drink.

There is also a floating round container tube that is very usable in keeping their accessories dry whenever they go to the beach. This amazing water resistant container tube is customizable and can carry your business logo or company’s name. These items are sure economical as well as practical.

So order now, for your business promotion today or for your future fun events.